Quick pint in the sun in Basford

Ive not really frequented Basford pubs so i forced myself to pull over and have a quick pint at the Fox & crown.

Outside Fox & crown Basford Nottingham

It’s a open plan pub with a great central bar with a large choice on the taps I’ve gone for my standard Guinness but was tempted to have a shippo’s original.

Inside the Fox & Crown Basford Nottingham

There’s a pool table and a few screens fitted around showing the sport.

Regulars seem friendly enough perched on the stools at the bar with a vape in hands.

I’m sure I came in donkeys years ago and it was two rooms split down the middle as the entrance would suggest.

Food wise I spotted some chilli nuts & pretzels behind the bar but more surprising there’s a Thai menu out on the tables that if i was staying longer would have been sampled!

Fox & Crown Basford Nottingham

Overall a pleasant place that I’ll be stopping in again and having a bite to eat.