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My last job of the day today was to fix a Upvc door that wouldn’t lock, it was for a landlord who wasn’t local so details were very limited except to say the door would not lock and was a security issue.

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I arrived at the property that was located on a very small cul-de-sac where parking was very limited, I managed to get into a spot that didn’t block a properties drive but it didn’t make it super easy for them to access but I hoped I’d be done and dusted before they even knew… famous last words.

Tools out I went into the property to see what the problem was.

The Upvc was severely out of alignment so I tweaked the hinges but still had to move the separate keeps down in an attempt to align.

Because the door had been so far out of alignment the extra force used to lift the handle and engage the multipoint had made the action very notchy and not smooth as it should have been the same when the key was turned to throw the bolt so I stripped the door down and took the mech out for inspection.

It was a twin spindle lock master two roller two hooks one bolt that had seen better days for sure, as I tested it a few times a small piece fell out from inside the gearbox it was still operating as it was before not smooth but working – I could have left it but seeing as I had it all out I felt it was better to replace now earthed then get the call it’s gave up the ghost in a years time or less!

I replaced with a like for like bar the dual spindle as the didn’t have the need or want the use.

All put back together and replaced I tested the door and the operation was like smooth and solid like it should be and few little tweaks again on the keep side and we now had a Upvc that locks just like it should do.

Time to pack the tools back in the van and head off home… I thought…

As I got outside I was confronted with a car parked in the centre of the cul-de-sac blocking me and anyone else who want to drive off and on the road, I guess I didn’t get done before the neighbours got home. A woman appeared with a face like thunder and began her “ill move my car now you have decided to unblock my drive!”

“I left room for you to get on the drive…”

“I’m not running the risk of damaging my car to get on the drive!!!!”

I’m really not sure how she was going to damage her car or why she couldn’t get on her drive I really left enough room but I’m not about to get into a argument with some crazy lady but it’s astonishing how some people think that a road is all theirs and no body else can ever use it… god help the neighbours if they ever think they could have a visitor.

Locksmiths in Bilborough Nottingham

I didn’t have to work of wheelie bins today the tenant helpfully set up his work mate and I gladly made use.

Locksmith Bilborough Nottingham

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