Locksmith Prices

Why do locksmith prices vary from company to company? Everyday we receive calls or emails asking for the price of our services and why they differ (always lower!) then other company’s in the same area so I’d like to explain why locksmith prices vary from company to company.

Independent or National

NG Locksmiths are independent locksmiths we are NOT employed by a national company who set the high rates for services and products, we are NOT a franchise with high overheads forced on us by the franchisees who set prices for products. So the first rule to get the best locksmith price is to use a local independent service like ourselves.

Storefront locksmith or Mobile locksmith

NG locksmiths are a fully mobile locksmith that means we are able to offer ALL the same locksmith services and products as a storefront locksmith but we do not have to cover the cost of a walk in shop rent & rates and the additional staffing costs so when we set our service charges we do not have to cover these additional costs and are able to keep our locksmith prices lower.

Local locksmiths

If you want to keep locksmith prices down make sure your locksmith is local! Many times I’ve seen google ads for locksmith services in Nottingham but the locksmith is based in Birmingham!!!! Not only will you have a long wait for him but your charges will have to cover his travel costs and google ad costs.

NG Locksmiths are a truly local company who’s mobile locksmiths are based in Lenton & Carlton and we have a average call out response time of just 20/30mins. Meaning we will not only get to you quicker but our locksmith prices will ALWAYS be much cheaper.

Okay so if you want the best locksmith prices then you need to find a reputable local independent mobile locksmith just like NG Locksmiths.

NG Locksmith Prices

How much does it cost to change locks?

The cost to have a locksmith change the locks on your property will vary based on a few factors like;

Time – locksmiths like ourself will have a standard labour charge for set day times hours ours are Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm, after 4pm till early evening you can expect a slight rise and later on in the evening through to the early hours the labour charge will increase again this is likewise at the weekend and official holidays where the labour charges are slightly higher then the standard hours charge and will increase into late evenings and the early hours.

Types of locks and the security level you require – different door types have different types of locks fitted which have different prices they also increase in value on their level of security for example we supply our euro locks (we will cover the types of locks for the type of doors below) as Standard, 1*, 2* and 3* and prices range from £20 to £60+ add in the standard labour charge and you are looking at a average price to change a lock at £60.

Price to change lock on a wooden door

Wooden doors typically consist of two types of locks either stand alone or combined these locks are;

Latch locks – sometimes described as a “Yale lock” this type of lock is a auto locking lock when the door is closed and are found on exterior doors and sometimes on internal doors in HMO’s and student lets – just the barrel needs to be changed and a standard latch lock barrel and labour should be £50+ please be aware depending on your needs locks with more security features will be more expensive.

Sash locks and dead locks – these are generally more expensive type of lock and you should insist on only a British Standard lock being fitted to exterior doors (this is an insurance criteria) – a British Standard Dead lock including labour should be £70+ please be aware depending on the level of security or the type/manufacturer the cost of the lock can be more expensive.

Some wooden doors use a Euro lock the same as a Upvc door and the prices to Change this type of lock will be the same as a Upvc door lock change.

Cost to change a lock

Price to change lock Upvc door

Upvc doors are hugely popular and almost all use a multi point locking system with a Euro cylinder, the cost to change a Upvc door lock is the cost to change just the Euro cylinder including labour and should be £60+ there are are a lot of different sizes, types and security features that can effect the price to change a Upvc door lock.

Price to change a lock

Price to change lock on a composite door

Older versions and the current versions of composite doors use multipoint locking systems and Euro cylinder locks just like Upvc doors so the cost to change a composite door lock will be the same at around £60+ again the sizing, type and desired security features will have a effect on the price to change a composite door lock.

Price to change lock on a commercial door

Commercial doors found on shops or businesses will normally require a higher ,even of security and or multiple locks on the same door then those fitted to domestics/residential properties due to this contributing factors the cost could be a little more of a higher cost to change lock on a commercial door and would be upwards of £80

Price of Emergency locksmith service

Generally emergency locksmith services are out of standard hours and include the price to gain entry or price to open a lock so there are lots of different factors to include.

The time you require the service.

The type of lock fitted (some locks especially high security locks will take a little longer).

Do you need the lock/s changing after gaining entry.

The cost of emergency locksmith services can be as low as £40 if you use a skilled locksmith who uses non destructive methods to gain entry that offers also offers discounts to Students, OAP and NHS workers like NG Locksmiths but you must be aware that the cost of emergency locksmith services to open a British Standard high security lock in the early hours of the morning at the weekend could well be £100+

Cost of emergency locksmith

Price to install a new lock

The price to install a lock will vary due to the type of lock and the time it takes to install and the amount of locks you need installed.

But to give a rough guide a standard latch lock installed to a exterior or interior door will be £70+ that includes labour and the cost of the lock and if you are fitting multiple locks in a properties like a student let or HMO the cost per install could be even lower.

Price to install a Digi lock

Digi locks are a very popular choice for businesses where access control is required with out the need for keys – the individual cost of a Digi lock can range from £40 to over £200 depending on the usage and security needs of the individuals but to give a rough guide a medium duty Digi lock including labour will cost £80+ installed.

Price to install a Digi lock

As a company we always endeavour to provide the best quality service for the most competitive prices using quality products so that the customer gets the best service.

The standard locks we supply and fit meet and exceed insurance criteria and are covered by a manufacture warranty, deadlocks and sash locks fitted to exterior doors will always be British Standard tested and approved. Call today for a no obligation quote.

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