Locked Out – Locked Out Your House

So you’ve managed to find yourself locked out, well here is some advice and tips on what you need to do.

Locked out keys inside

This is the most common type of lock out and unless you have a spare key with a family member, friend or neighbour your going to need a locksmith to get the door open. A qualified and skilled locksmith like ourselves will be able to open the door to your property with no damage to the lock or door – this is called non destructive lock entry. Because the lock has been opened this way and you have a set of keys inside you will not have to replace the locks and will only have to pay a opening fee.

If this is a rental property get in touch with your landlord and/or letting agent as they should have a spare key to allow access.

Lost or stolen keys

If you have lost or have had the keys to your property stolen then you will need a locksmith to gain entry again a skilled locksmith like ourselves will use non destructive methods to gain entry with no damage to the door or frame but because you have lost or had the keys stolen we will always suggest that the locks that are fitted connected to the lost or stolen keys are changed for security and safety.

Faulty lock or locking mechanism

If you have the keys to your property but the door won’t unlock due to a fail with the lock or the locking mechanism then you will require a skilled locksmith like ourselves to gain entry. We have in countered every fault and problem that can go wrong with a lock or it’s locking mechanism and have the knowledge and skills to gain entry with no damage to the door or it’s frame but because of the fault to the lock or the locking mechanism you will require new parts or locks to be fitted once entry is gained.

Snapped or broken key

If you have managed to snap or break the key off in the lock and cannot get inside you will need a locksmith to gain entry and remove the broken piece from the lock – as long as you have a spare key once we gain entry and we can test the lock is working fine you will not need to replace the lock and will only have to pay to gain entry to your property

Locked out – gain entry using non destructive entry methods

This skill is what sets a locksmith apart from any other contractor or trades person, years of training goes into building the skill set to be able to open a lock with out a key. The two main skills bypassing and lock picking.

Bypass lock entry

Over years of working with locks and understanding how they work a small amount of tools and techniques have been developed to bypass some locks security and be able to open the lock with out damage. Most people will understand this type of lock entry as the type they have seen where a door/ lock is opened with a credit card in a movie or tv show this is a bypass technique (a credit card will not work in reality…) NG Locksmiths have actually developed a tool that bypasses and opens all NCH properties fitted with a Euro thumb turn so operatives can gain entry quickly and without damage to properties.

Lock picking

Lock picking is the forte of a locksmith if you cannot pick open a lock you are not a locksmith! Again many years of practice and a considerable amount of knowledge going into opening a lock by just picking alone. No two locks are the same and each lock has its own method or technique to be able to be picked open and they all require different tools to get the job done.

How long will a locksmith take to gain entry

No two locks are the same and depending on the type of lock or the circumstances of you being locked out your property will effect the time it takes for a locksmith to gain entry.

A non British standard latch lock opened using a bypass method can take just mere moments to open compared to a high security British standard dead lock which could take upwards of 30mins

Most locksmiths like ourselves will agree a price to gain entry before work has started so if it does take a little longer then expected you will only pay the set fee for gaining entry and won’t be charged any extra for labour charges.

Locked out - open lock and gain entry