England vs Switzland – Locksmith on tour

After the highs of the World Cup a new found appetite to watch and dear I say expectation of the England team is in full flow in the NG Locksmiths household so when we realised that a friendly was taking place just down the road at the King Power stadium in Leicester me and the boy were never going to miss out.

This is my first trip to the King Power the boy had already visited for a Leicester v Liverpool cup match and has raved about the facilities so I was looking forward to it.

We parked up in Baileys car park at the back of the train station… £7 for the night no wonder he drives a Bentley ah Rich?

And caught the east mids train for a 30min trip. Now the walk from the train station to the ground is a little like like getting dropped off at market square to get to the city ground so not the longest walk but a jaunt if your not used to it.

We past two pubs on the way but both were packed out but stumbled on what seemed like a wedding venue right outside the ground which was much less congested and hardly a wait at the bar for a pre match pint.

after a little lubrication we headed into the ground to find our seats.

Well the first half wasn’t to good from England’s point of view and the Swiss could have been two up but going into the break it’s 0-0

A miss directed corner flys over and out of the box but is driven back into the danger area for a tap home by Rashford 1-0

Both teams make a host of changes which unsettles the play and England hold on to the lead and come away winners.

Not the greatest game but being there with the atmosphere beat watching at home so glad we made the trip.

A speed walk back to the train station and we managed to get a earlier train then expected and headed off home.