Afternoon in Eastwood

I was only here on Monday for the football but the little old pit village has called me back in…

The damn van has shredded yet another belt yes the same I had replaced last week so I’m stuck in Eastwood while he fixes it.

And what a joy I’m having… I’ve been up and and down the high street twice took in the D.H. Lawrence museum and stared madly into a Timpsons – I’m a lock Expert there just key cutters (it’s a thing we have going like how the baldys hate the wanderers) And still I’ve only wasted a hour.

EastwoodD H Lawrence birth place Young DH Lawrence

Now I’m no book reader I generally get through one on a holiday normally written by a former SAS soldier or a retired footballer so I can’t really gab about Mr Lawrence and his books but if he drags a few tourists in this little town mores the better.

For a little high street there’s plenty of pubs & bars to choose from and I’d imagine it’s a nice little back round at the weekend.

Along the high street there’s a blue line and dotted along there’s information about Lawrence & Eastwood including quotes from his books that relate to the area.

So I’ve settled in the Wellington inn while I wait.

A nice proper boozer that has got a funeral and a birthday party booked in for this afternoon… only real folk can do both I’ve been told.

Well the van is now done so let’s go and see just how much today has cost me…

Ooooccchhhh £250 for a new belt and pulley well I guess cars are expensive because there full of expensive parts.

Well I’m off home to nottingham I’m just 30mins late for a booking who have held on for me so at least I can try and get some pennies back in.