Upvc door repairs Nottingham

Upvc doors have become very common in Nottingham and across the uk with a vast amount of homes having them fitted over the past 20yrs. They offer a great level of security and provide a barrier against noise and the elements that the old wooden doors they replaced never could. With proper maintenance these doors will last many years trouble free but if small problems are ignored irreversible damage can be done to the doors locking system causing total lock failure. We have covered Upvc door lock problems on the homepage and how to avoid them but if your reading this I’m guessing you already have a problem and need the fix.

My Upvc door will not open.

Okay the first check we need to do is check if the key is turning in the the lock – if the key is turning but the handle will not release we can say that the Upvc multipoint has failed – this is normally the 90% of the time but some times the key will also be jammed in a half open position again this points to a Upvc multipoint failure.

If the key will not turn any amount this would point to a cylinder failure try from the other side is it the same?

In both cases cylinder or multipoint failure you will need to open the door to be able to remove the failed parts and replace with the correct part.

This is not an easy skill and only a qualified and knowledgable Upvc repair specialist like ourselves should ever be given the task.

Our skilled team will be able to open the door even though the locking system in fully engaged and locked shut and we will be able to supply and fit the correct branded parts or if your door is of a age upgrade your locking system so it complies with insurance and security standards.

We will also fix any problems that may have caused the damage to the old part so that we can guarantee that the new part will last long past the 10yr warranty we give out to every new part we fit.

My Upvc door will not lock.

So if you try to lock the door and the key turns but not enough to lock the door we need to do a quick test – open the door slightly lift the handle fully and now turn the key is it now turning fully and locking?

Yes? Then we have a issue with the door aligning and because of this when you lift the handles to engage the multipoint fully it isn’t able to and that’s why you cannot turn the key completely – we have also added a guide on how to fix Upvc door alignment issues on the homepage but our team will gladly attend your property at a time that’s convenient for you and align your Upvc door and solve the locking issue.

I can not remove my key when my Upvc door is locked

This normally signals that the Upvc euro cylinder lock has a misaligned cam and will need to be fixed or replaced.

Sometimes when the keys have been left in the lock on the inside and someone tries to let themselves in from outside with a key instead of knocking the inside key out of the cam as it’s designed to do it can force the cam to slide out of position (always remove keys from the lock on the inside to prevent this happening) now a knowledgable lock Expert like ourselves can realign this cam or we can supply and fit a new correct sized lock for your Upvc door.

These are the most common Upvc door repairs we carry out but there are other less common problems that we can repair also so if your problem is not listed above please give us a call and let us know what your Upvc door problem is we can discuss how to fix it.