Locksmith Top Valley Nottingham

This morning I attended a emergency call out in Top Valley where a young toddler had closed the front door on his mum locking her out with out a key to get back in.

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As this was a matter of urgency as both the child and mother were distraught i sped across town to get to them.

On arrival I saw that the door was a new composite door that needed a key to retract the latch to gain entry this system has been around for a while especially when used in combination with split spindles now I know this system is very handy from a security point of view and can be great when you are inside and forget to lock the door as it’s still won’t allow anyone to gain entry when the door is closed but it runs the risk of being locked out your property very easily.

Now I hear you protesting “well lots of doors have a night latch that you can lock yourself out with” yes and people do…. a lot especially in hmo like student let’s where night latch’s are fitted to personal rooms I should know living and working in a uni city.

My point is unless your used to this type of door locking system you run a serious rick of a lock out just like in this case, so on arriving I went first for my spreader if I can create any amount of room in the composite frame this would be a faster way to open the door than to pick the lock but this wasn’t your normal single latch door this had door separate latch’s two at the top two in the bottom half so I started from the bottom and quickly opened the bottom two but had to apply constant pressure or the door would re latch… I needed three arms at least plus the toddler kept grabbing the door to pull open if prewar dropped his little fingers would be trapped luckily with a nudge from my toe, knee and three hands the door was open and mum and child reunited.

So how do we solve this problem? Having a key available outside of the property just in case of accidental lock outs now this could be a family friend or even a neighbour but if there out or a distance away you still have a dilemma so I would go for a secure key safe that’s accessible 24/7 using a combination with a spare key inside not only will it solve the lock out problem but its also the most secure way to have a key outside your property available in seconds.

Key safe securely fitted