Locksmith St Ann’s Nottingham

Today I attended a lock out of a bedroom in a HMO in St Ann’s- spangly the door had take locks and digi locks fitted to each bedroom – this was a first a digi lock on a bedroom.

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The property was just off Northampton st and was my old knocking ground when I was a young un a good few years ago…

Things change so much so it was good to see both the old B.B. hall

Gain entry st Ann’s Nottingham

And kings hall (youth club when I was a lad) are both still standing albeit with different uses today. Most of the other landmarks that I remember have sadly gone my old junior school has been flattened and the pub I had my first pint in is now a frozen food shop but I guess that’s progress.

Locked out in St Ann’s Nottingham

The job was a fast lock opening of a “Yale” type latch lock that I raked open in under a 1min – we always offer the same set price for a lock out in a hmo for Students, NHS and well everyone… mon-fri 10am to 4pm just £40 – the young man had his keys inside so after a quick check to show that the lock was working perfectly I was on my way.

one thing that always grabs me is the noise in St Ann’s I don’t think it’s ever quiet… maybe it’s the acoustics of being in a valley that makes the sound of a kid playing or a kid crying carry but when you’ve spent a little time in a quiet area like Gedling your ears soon take a bit to get used to it all!