Locksmith Radford Nottingham

Earlier today I was booked in to unlock and replace a lock fitted to an out building in Radford.

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The property in Radford was build just as they started to demolish the old Radford terrace houses – the area is a bit contentious as to is it really Radford or not because of the old train track and the river Leen cuts it off from old Radford but I’ve always known it at posh Radford (they had gardens front and back and a indoor toilet) which I guess it was back in the day to the old Radford folk.

The lock was a old rim mortice lock the key was missing but even when they had the key it was hard to lock & unlock so however simple these are to pick this was going to be a bogger.

And it was… but as ever where there’s a will there’s a way…

Inside a rim mortice lock

So I stripped out this old rust bucket for a very nice new version

Rim mortice lock fitted

Fitted and now with two keys I was on my way.

Rim mortice lock fitted with new keys

Because I was so local and no other bookings to do that day i paid a visit to my old boxing club Radford Boys.

The boxing club was above the White Horse pub but has long since shut down and all that remains is the old sign up on the wall.

Radford Boys Boxing Club - Nottingham

Every Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday we would attend here for some great coaching but you never got to put any gloves on till you had run 1 circuit round the Raleigh factory so I took a drive round to see just how far it was and what was there now.

Long gone is the bike factory but in its place are many buildings connected to the Nottingham University some very odd building as well…

Jubilee campus- RadfordJubilee campus- RadfordJubilee campus- RadfordJubilee campus- Radford

I measured the complete circuit as 1.5miles which seemed ever so far when your only 10yrs old (it never got easier as you aged) but it did provide a stamina to win the 1500m nottingham schools trophy aged 11 & 12. Which is an even bigger fete as I was not the long distance runner build and in the boxing club the would regularly have me sparring with grown men sadly the club closed and I moved to one in sneinton for a couple of years but like a lot of young boxers I found girls, booze & cigarettes and my boxing career was ended.