Locksmith Radcliffe Nottingham

Today i crossed the river (as always a little salute to the city ground) and worked in Radcliffe it was a little bit of a different job as the customer had lost the keys to their trailer and need to get access.

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Luckily for the owner they had a spare key but had put the spare in the trailer…

So I set about picking the lock, now these type of locks are pretty run of the mill wafer locks that were in cars a few years back and with the correct tools and knowledge can be opened pretty quick.

Locksmith in Radcliffe Nottingham

Now what happens if there isn’t a spare key? Well you could just swop out the lock for a like for like replacement but these trailers & caravans have other locked areas for gas bottles and electrical hook ups that run off the same key so in most cases the best idea is to let us decode the lock and make a replacement so that one key opens all the locking points and while we’re at it let’s make a few spares… just in case…