Locksmith Park Estate Nottingham

I had to attend a job in Nottingham park estate the family had recently purchased a property in the shadow of Nottingham castle and required the locks to be changed after a dispute with the builders who were renovating the property.

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My first order of the day was to change all external locks that was Upvc porch entry in front of a solid wooden door, a outside utility room, and rear double upvc patio doors that were newly fitted to the new extension that they had just had completed.

The main front door was a lovely solid wooden door that had a Union lock in place – I replaced this lock with a like for like keeping the roller latch.

Sash Mortice 5 lever BS lock fitted

I saved the Upvc patio doors till last and that’s when I found out that although brand new one side didn’t open and the one side that did was so misaligned it barely closed- this was one of the causes for the dispute with the builders so to get my job done I was going to have to put right there mistakes.

First off I had to open up the non working side it had top & bottom levers that were not retracting so after a bit of gentle persecution I got the door open and stripped down the door and reset the multipoint so it would pull the top and bottom levers clear. After that I re aligned the door and replaced the central Column – doors fixed and new locks fitted.

Upvc double patio doors

Okay it took a extra 30mins of my time but now the customers had working doors like they should have had and what matters the most to us is the customer is happy, so for a little extra time and effort we were able to make that happen.