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Just had to attend a lock out in a student HMO in Lenton, the landlord wasn’t answering their phone and the student had work to go to and needed to get back in the room. We always offer a great discount on lock opening in HMO’s for students, NHS workers and unemployed.

If you require a locksmith in Lenton please call 01157180360

The door lock was a lockable round handle type identical to the one in the picture below it is lockable with a key from the outside and has a twist turn knob on the inside for privacy they way these lock work is when locked you cannot twist the handle to open.

They don’t offer much resistance to picking but to make the job even quicker I always pick in the lock direction and use a plug spinner to rotate back to open I find the plug really likes to go that way and the picking is almost instant and with the use of a small one piece plug spinner the door is open.

As usual the students had attempted to open the door before I arrived with a hair grip and a video on YouTube, it always makes them a little sad that I can arrive and open the door so quickly but I do always say it took over 30yrs to get that quick to put there minds at ease.

As I left I had to grab a picture the one of the worst I’ll fitting locks I’ve seen in a while, that much lock exposed is as much as a security risk as leaving the key in the door…

unfortunately a lot of landlords have no care about the state of there properties in Lenton or the security they are just cash cows being fed by a constant stream of young students that has led to the area looking scruffy and with a higher then average crime rate – it seems the council are pushing to get more students to live in purpose built accommodation in and around the city centre so that maybe these areas could be depopulated by family’s but I don’t think there’s many landlords wanting to give up what they earn a week in rent from students for a monthly rent from a family.

Read our post on how to measure euro locks and fit the correct sized cylinder for your Upvc door on our Homepage or give us a call and we can fit your correctly sized lock.

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