Locksmith Arnold Nottingham

Just back after a emergency call out to a old folks home in Arnold where an interior bedroom door would not open.

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Now this is a little bit different but is quite common so I thought I’d post here to try and explain. An interior bedroom door would not open luckily no one can was inside but the room was a bedroom so was needed to be open so the occupants could get in and go to bed later, now I’ve attended jobs were people are stuck in a bathroom from this fault as well so it’s any type of interior door that has a handle set with a latch.

What happens is the latch fails normally round the spindle area so when you use the handle the latch will not retract and you cannot open the door.

Broken door latch Arnold Nottingham

Above you can see the actual break so this part will have to replaced – but to replace the part you will need to open the door.

Internal door latch replacement

Okay so how do you open a interior door that won’t open with the handle?

The simplest way is to shim the latch – shining the latch is like you see in the movies with a credit card except this won’t work on your interior doors because the door and the frame where the latch is has some wood obstructing that to keep the drafts out so a stiff credit card won’t work what you need is a sheet of mica that is strong but also flexible and with the right technique can bend round the obstruction so you can apply pressure on the latch hopefully enough to retract fully or enough so the door opens.

All locksmiths carry a form of this tool so if you need to gain entry quickly then you should contact one ASAP.

Old door before fitting

Once the door is open remove the handles from one side slide the spindle out and then remove the screws to the latch on the faceplate and slide out. Insert you new latch making sure it’s the correct size in length – you may have to chisel out a bit if it’s not identical on the faceplate – screw everything back together not forgetting to insert the spindle and you should be good to go – make sure you test the handles now working the latch in and out before closing the door and you should have a perfectly working door again.