Locksmith Nottingham Keyworth

As always it’s a pleasure to attend a call out in Keyworth and the 20min drive from our base is always nice, today I had to attend a faulty pull & slide patio door.

If you require a locksmith in Keyworth please call 0115 7180360

Now these pull and slide patios were not a great design from the beginning and not aged any better even though GU make the part they can be tricky to source.

The door had dropped and was very hard to open and close a few adjustments and it was a little better but not 100% so we also adjusted the keeps on the frame side this helped a lot and also showed this wasn’t the first time they had been adjusted! The versions old screw marks indicated that this was the last time this could be done.

Finally I checked the euro cylinder was working ok and tested that the door was now working and locking correctly.

YES! It closed and locked and we now have a secure working patio door that should last a few more years.

Best part of a call out in Keyworth? I get to stop off for some lovely eggs on the way home.

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