Locksmith Ilkeston

After a few weeks of glorious sunshine it all came to a abrupt halt and is absolutely raining cats and dogs and guess who is working outside in Ilkeston in it? Yep it’s me.

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I had had a call from a letting agent that a Upvc door would not open and had been like this for a few months so I took the drive across town to fix it. As I guessed already the multipoint has failed and the door was locked shut – the key was also jammed stuck in the lock at about 6 o’clock – first job is to get the handles off and see if it is a slit spindle if it is and the euro has turned enough this would be a simple open up and the spreaders could stay in the van.

A small grin appeared when I saw it was a split spindle to only turn to a frown when I realised that that was functioning either so it was plan b spread the door and get soaked… and boy did I get soaked.

It was a two hook, two roller one bolt and I had the door open in a short time with no damage to the door or frame. If anyone out there has the same problem please do not attempt to open the door with out the correct tools or you will end up with a damaged door and or frame.

Change a Upvc door mechanism

Now to replace the old with a new – we carry a vast amount of Upvc multipoints and replacement gear boxes and had the part ready to swop over, then all it took was to replace the multipoint, handles and lock and after a test I was on my way… just as the rain stopped… who would have guessed.

Upvc door repaired

before I set of back to Nottingham I nipped in a cob shop and was told “fresh savoury sausages just out the oven” now is this a local delicacy? Or just another name for a sausage roll… I had to find out.

1st off this was hot I was warned before hand but this was piping hot… it looked just like a sausage roll but the filling was more like a Cornish pasty maybe a little more sloppy but it was nice… how have these Ilkeston folk kept this a secrets from us Nott’m lot?