Locksmith Hucknall Nottingham

Today we were booked in to do a job in Hucknall, it was to open a set of wooden French doors that had a multipoint locking system.

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The French door had a multipoint locking system that comprised of a central bolt, two hooks in opposing angles and shoot bolts to the top and bottom and for added security it had three (top middle and bottom) frame bolts.

The multipoint has failed in just the bottom shoot bolt, on a Upvc door this would have been a two minute job with the old spreader paddles but because it was timber and the the frame bolts doing there job so well there was only going to be a very small amount of movement.

Add the fact that it means I was going to have to work on the floor with just the comfort of ones belly and it’s only the hottest summer we’re having for over 40yrs.

After a good 30mins of being in a very uncomfortable position and a lot of sweat and a few tears the offending part was manicured out and removed to make way for one that worked the way it should.

Upvc multipoint shoot bolt

You wouldn’t think something so small could cause such a problem, the owner was so happy to finally get some fresh air into the house.

Upvc door repair in Nottingham

After I finished I headed into Hucknall town centre to grab some refreshments, it had been a while since I had stopped off in the town, we had not been going a lot when we had our bulldog, he had some health issues and we found a fantastic vets in the heart of Hucknall called Buckley House – they were excellent with him and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

After a quick sandwich and a lot of cold water I was back on the road to the next job – one where I didn’t have to lay in my belly.