Locksmith City Centre Nottingham

Today I was working in the Nottingham One Tower building.

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Nottingham One Tower Building - Nottingham

A fault had developed on the latch of the apartment door and needed to be replaced.

The building development on canal street has a short but eventful history – the developer was caught out by the credit crunch and his house of cards fell down and the contractors were left in limbo – I think a social housing company stepped in and bought a block but it could have been much worse and a blight on a gateway into Nottingham city.

The building Tower 1 use a DIN Mortice euro thumb turns I’ve not been in the all the other buildings but I think some use card/fob entry systems with a euro deadlock system.

So I was swopping out the faulty DIN lock cassette for a new working unit as always we try our best to fit a like for like in all cases unless we think the part we fit would be an upgrade. This was a union and although this had developed a fault they are a trusted manufacture so we fitted an exact same product.

About DIN

This new range of locks are being introduced into this country to bring standardisation of lock cases throughout Europe that take into consideration some of the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, the successor to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. These locks comply with the new BS EN 12209 : 2003.

A bit larger these DIN units are great for this type of front door to apartments as there are no panels that the larger case size could interfere with and personally I really like them and a standard across Europe and further would mean better prices and a ready supply of parts and replacements.

they only hassle when working in the city centre is parking luckily the city council had recently opened up a car park right next to the building because there was no chance I could find a space on the road. At £3 for 2hrs minimum it was more then the £1 a hour for the street parking but I didn’t have to lump my tools very far so a big plus.

After I finished I had a little look round the rear of the building as it over looks the canal but there wasn’t much to take in and is very under utilised a few cafes or bars would be nice in this end of the city centre.