Locksmith Bullwell Nottingham

Today I was called out to job in Bullwell the property owner had a issue with the key not coming out when the Upvc door was locked.

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The first thing I asked was is there a teenager in the house or do you work shifts?

“Well yes I work shifts I came home yesterday and struggled to get in and now the lock won’t work correctly”

The wife had gone to bed locked the door but had left the her keys in the door now if the key is in the correct position 12’O’Clock he would have just pushed the key out and let his self in and there would have been no problem but because the key was a little off set he had managed to slide the cam out of position by forcing his key to turn the lock – the euro was also not the correct size for the door so I opted to replace with a new lock that was fitted correctly.

In the image below (image taken from Twitter not my own) you can see the cam is out of position and it should sit at say 5 or 7 0clock depending from which end your looking from and this ine is positioned at 12 also you can see the weathering marks showing just how much of the lock was protruding out from the handles just waiting to be snapped!

Correct size euro cylinder

The finished product not only looks a darn sight better but is a lot more secure.

Before I left I did a quick check of the other door lock and checked there were no issues like mid alignment as I always say you’ve paid for a hours labour and if there’s any other issues I can fix while I’m there I will gladly do so.