Locksmith Bestwood Nottingham

Yesterday yep we do work all weekends I found myself with the pleasure of fixing a Upvc door where the mechanism had failed and would not open.

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This was a job for a absent landlord so I was dealing with the tenant a very friendly gent who loved his football – it transpired that the had gone out to work and on arriving home the lock wouldn’t open and had called a locksmith – not us – who came out but didn’t manage to get the door open even after 40mins of trying!

So he set about opening the rear door to get them back inside and they reported the failed Upvc mechanism to the landlord who booked us.

Now never has it took me 40mins to open a door but I could see where the so called locksmith had gone wrong as the door had up and down shoot bolts and I had the door open in roughly 10mins which was great because it was in the blazing midday sunshine and I was quickly melting away…

As it was just a gearbox failure I stopped out the old gu 30/92 – you don’t see many of these – but did it round the back of the house in a little shade to recover with a glass of water.

Old style gu gearbox for a Upvc door

Once swooped over it was a simple job to refit the mechanism and I should have been on my way but because of the previous attempt of over 40mins to spread the door the door had to be pulled and pushed back into shape and it had lost a lot of its structural strength so I did my best to correct but it does appear that that the damage they caused may have a longer lasting effect and possibly the added cost to the landlord to replace.

That’s why only a fully trained and qualified locksmith should be used in all cases regarding locks and doors as using a un qualified person can and WILL result in repairs or replacements and bigger bills.