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I got a call today to visit a property in Bakersfield that had a fault with a Upvc patio door I did as I always do and asked a few questions about the door so I could better ascertain the problem.

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After a few questions the patio door was of the sliding variety now depending on the age and type I’m finding the parts for these older ones are becoming quite hard to source and sometimes only retro locks are they way forward when you don’t wish to replace the whole unit.

Luckily as it were this was not the old aluminium type and a fairly new unit and had a generic lock that we keep on the shelf.

Patio door problem Bakersfield

As it’s a like for like part the new gearbox was fitted quickly and also a new lever arm was added as that was also worn and would have become a issue down the line so better to nip it in the bud nice and early.

Fix patio door problem Bakersfield

Ok today the sun hasn’t got his hat on but when is does make an appearance the property owner now can enjoy it through there now fully working sliding patio door.