How to fit a key safe

I did toy with the idea of sticking this on the home page but I guess the blog is a better home for these how to guides especially as I do have a few more to post so in between my moans and gripes blog posts there might be a little gem of info that comes in handy. So here we go fitting a external Keysafe is a really simple job that can be extremely useful – don’t just think a keysafe is for the elderly or infirm think leaving a key onsite so different trades can have access without you being there, think teenage kid who never takes a key with them when they go out, think dog walkers coming to collect Pinot for his daily trot or the biggest new craze Airbnb retails.

So how do we install well first we have to select a place to fit bit more importantly what we fix it to – solid concrete or brickwork is a must – also take into account the height you fit it in case you need it accessible to people in wheel chairs.

So what is a key safe well it’s a small toughened steel case with a combination lock that has a reset button/switch on the inside so you can change the combination code as you see fit to what ever combination you like

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So we’ve found our perfect spot to fix the key safe what’s next? Well first we will mark out our fixing points so open up the case and you will see circular holes these are your mounting points use a pencil making sure that the keysafe is level both horizontal and vertical.

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Now we have our drill points you will need to drill out with a hammer drill with a drill bit designed for drilling into brick/concrete and the correct thickness for the raw plugs supplied with the key safe – once done insert the raw plugs line up the keysafe and screw into place.

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Using the reset switch inside change the combination to the one you would like and your good to go.

Just a couple of tips – when fitting we use a larger more robust raw plug and a slightly larger screw – putting a magnet inside will hold the key in place or better still a small hook stuck in place would be great – rotate the combination wheels at least once a week to keep it in good order and last many moons.

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